Our Digital Menu gives food retailers the potential to turn their traditional, static menu boards into vibrant, eye catching and dynamically changing digital posters with scheduling menu times.

Engage Customers with Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants

With the food & drink industry becoming increasingly competitive, restaurateurs need to find a way to cut through the noise and capture the attention of customers. Dynamic Digital Menu Boards enable you to do just that. Through their functionality to feature captivating videos and vivid images alongside menu items, offerings can be made much more appealing to the consumer.

At Aflaxignage, we prioritise ease of use when designing our digital signage solutions for restaurants – so they are quick an easy to update at no added cost. This is particularly important for restaurants, where menu changes are something that can happen frequently, such as prices, allergy information, removal or addition of food items. Knowing that important information such as, allergy information and menu changes can be altered instantly takes away the worry of promoting out-of-date information to your customers.


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