Our digital signage primary benefit is that we can serve eye-catching and dynamic contents to your potential customers. your business can serve this content in a wide variety of locations. Other advantages include the ability to change content quickly and expand the network’s size easily. Another benefit is the ability to hook-up custom software applications to your digital advertising signage via API


Advertising with us is made easier, we are here to promote your business by displaying your advertisements to our billboards, gardens, Bar/Restaurants, and street posts. We do this by following our 3 steps bellow:
Step 1: Upload Contents
With your promotion/ads ready to go live, we simply upload your artwork into our Digital signage cloud software to many of our digital signage displays. Our in-house digital contents creator familiar drag and drop layout allows you
Step 2: Schedule Ads
Decide when you need your message to be displayed and how long. We will easily set times of the day, the days of the week and the months of the year.
Step 3: Publish
We are now ready to publish your ads/campaign and start communicating with your customers into your chosen locations. Your ads will be live and interactive with proof of display and many other features to your audiences.


Our digital signage advertising network contains collection of digital signs that display image, video, and motion-graphic advertising content to a given audience. The ideal location for a digital advertising sign is a place where there is heavy foot traffic and a reason for people to slow down. When people have a short pause in their route, they have a chance to observe your digital advertising sign. These digital signs are typically found in: lobbies, waiting rooms, and other public spaces such as libraries and bus stops:

  1. Localized communication.
  2. Highly scalable.
  3. Increases audience.
  4. Easy to iterate.
  5. Integrate social media.

Aflax Digital Signage will ensure that the desire audience never misses a message with our complete digital signage integrated solutions. Our Content Management System lets you easily manage, schedule and track engagement with your visual content. Our solutions provide with clients with - > Proof of Play, Triggered Content, Real Time Events ( RTE’s) Analytics.