Aflax’s advertising Lightbox is critical if you want to engage with a local target audience. Our Lockable Outdoor LED Edgelit Lightbox offers all the benefits of LED with the addition of a robust unit including a toughened glass front window.

Some of the benefits of utilising LED lightboxes for advertising include:
LEDs are energy efficient. They use much less power than fluorescent lighting, can be used for significant periods of time, and are cost-effective.
LEDs are great for reducing your carbon footprint. Implementing green solutions is now a top priority for modern enterprises, and LED lit boxes are safe for the environment.
LEDs offer superior longevity, are durable, and do not require any additional bulbs or tubes.
LEDs will maximise the reach of your brand message. Perhaps most importantly, lightboxes will ensure all in-store marketing and ad campaigns can be seen quickly and easily by customers.